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Understanding The Basics Of Printed Circuit Boards From Pcbnet

Printed circuit boards are done through point to point wiring and other technical procedures to ensure wire connections are in place. The gas-tight connection, in fact, makes it a highly changeable and durable item for any electronic gadget. As electronics evolved from vacuum tube to integrated silicon circuit, the cost and size of components have significantly decreased as well. Today, electronics is increasingly becoming a prevalent part among consumer goods, making it important to guarantee quality. With pcbnet, you are sure to achieve the exact PCBs you need for your current business requirements.

PCB AssemblyThe boards contain pads and lines that connect various points to ensure functionality. Components and connectors are electrically linked to each piece while allowing power and signal to be directly routed between the physical devices. In addition, the process called soldering helps to attach electronic components onto the board in a more secure way. Since solder is a metal connection, it significantly serves as the solid mechanical adhesive within the circuit board. When it comes to composition, PCBs are like layers of lasagna or cake with alternating layers composed of various materials laminated together to achieve adhesive and heat.

Essential Components of PCBs

The following are the basic components that make up a standard printed circuit board offered by pcbnet:

1. FR4

This is the substrate or base material that is usually in the form of fiberglass. Before, the common designator for fiberglass is the FR4. The solid core actually provides thickness and rigidity to circuit boards. In addition, there are flexible boards made of high-temperature Kapton or equivalent plastic material.

2. Copper

PCBThe second layer is composed of copper foil laminated to the PCB with adhesive and heat. In general, double-sided PCBs’ copper is carefully applied on both sides to secure the base material or substrate. However, in low-cost electronics, the circuit board may contain copper on one side only. When we say 2-layer or double-sided board, we refer to the total number of thin copper layers within the PCB.

3. Solder mask

The top layer of the thin copper foil is what we call solder mask layer. This layer provides green color for the PCB. It’s superimposed onto the thin copper layer in order to securely insulate the traces coming from the accidental contact via other metal, conductive and solder bits. Also, the layer supports the user in soldering the board with accuracy to avoid solder jumpers.

4. Silkscreen

The silkscreen layer, which is usually in white color, is applied above the solder mask layer. The purpose is to add letters, symbols and numbers so that the PCBs will be easy to assemble through the indicators provided on the board. At pcbnet, we usually use silkscreen to point out the specific functions of all the LEDs or pins.

Printed circuit boardsApart from the above mentioned components, we also want to tackle about the immersion tin. ISn is the metallic finish placed by using chemical disarticulation reaction which is directly applied over the base metal within the PCB. However, there are some drawbacks such as the growth of tin whiskers in the printed circuit board industry. But the advantages of ISn include flat surface, no pb, re-workable, and top choice in terms of press fit-in insertion. If you are interested to know more about the components involved within the circuit board, please don’t hesitate to check out our pcbnet website.

Our team will be glad to show you how the entire PCB manufacturing process works. In addition, we will guide you in the right fabrication so that you can provide quality electronic products to your customers around the world. Just remember to choose the best surface finish specifically needed by your project to avoid possible issues in the usability of the product. If you need help in handling material costs and performance requirements, we’re here to help you. Call us today and get more details.

Swing It With The Right Golf Club

A baseball bat is to a baseball player. A racket is to a tennis player. And what is to a golf player? Of course, the golf club – any golfer can never live without it. It’s their most cherished weapon in the game. Usually, a total of twelve clubs are needed but the rules also permit golfers to carry fourteen. Typically, it consists of three woods, 1 hybrid, seven irons and a putter.

Golf bagsTaking his stance, the golfer takes a good grip on the shaft. Then slowly takes a backswing, rotate the club and slightly changes his body position away from the ball, begins to swing and brings the club head down; he then hits the ball to its desired path of travel. This is the crucial and most-awaited golf swing! Probably, for other it’s just a swing, but for the golfer it’s everything. This swing is a combination of dedication, hard work, passion and the right golf club.

Consistency and accuracy are the main ingredients of a good golf swing. Manufacturers know exactly the value of a golf club, thus, they put great value on creating the best golf clubs to match the golfer’s ability and desire.

Take a closer look on the different golf clubs in the market!


Woods are needed to make those long shots. When the golfer is 175 yards or more away from the green, woods are required. The driver, also known as the 1-wood, is more commonly used nowadays. Golfers often look for woods which enable them to get the distance and accuracy advantages. In the golf world, the names that offer the best drivers are Taylormade Golf, Nike, Adams, Cleveland and Cobra. These manufacturers innovated drivers and woods to improve ball speed and at the same time, to give golfers more ease and control.

Irons and wedges

Golf clubsVersatility is a quality of irons and wedges. Generally, irons are used if the golfer is less than 200 yards away from the green. These golf clubs also enable golfers to make the most of their mis-hits. Different iron designs are introduced in the market but it was Callaway that has set high standards for iron designs with its Big Bertha. Other manufacturers also presented distinct iron innovations. Titleist came up with a unique and high-quality mixed metal iron design and has even bagged a prize for this. On the other hand, Taylormade Golf offered this speed pocket which enable golfers acquire a high face speed, a better launch and consistency even for mis-hits. As time goes by, more and more special features have been introduced which gave irons and wedges a higher quality and durability.


Golf PuttersPutters are engineered for those short yards and accurate shots. They simply aim to put that ball into the hole. There are many styles of putters such as mallet, center-hostel, heel-toes, short, belly, long, bent, etcetera. Several manufacturers even come up with very unique and functional designs. Taylormade Golf introduced a more modern spider blade mallet which has a special counterbalance design to make it more versatile and enables golfers to take a smooth shot. On the other hand, Odyssey deviated from traditional putter designs and used stronomic material on the putter’s face.

Here www.rockbottomgolf.com, all these amazing swing-buddies are right here in the golf market and it is up to you to choose the right one! And always bring those extra drivers, irons, wedges or putters for you never know when they will come in handy. Whether you choose a Callaway iron or Taylormade Golf driver, or even an Odyssey putter, always bear in mind that the golf club should be a perfect match for your swing!

Reasons To Hire A Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is a person who delivers speeches that intend to inspire and motivate an audience. He speaks about a wide variety of topics including self-confidence, patience, positive thinking, branding, marketing, effective leadership, breaking habits, controlling your tongue, goal-setting, strategic planning, and more.

But, why should you hire a motivational speaker for your next company event? Well, here’s what an inspirational speaker brings to the table:

1. Inspiration

Keynote speakerAn motivational speaker has the power to boost the overall morale of your employees and inspire them to do better. As human beings, we have an intrinsic need to know that we are doing a good job. We need to know that we are valued. We need to know that our contributions to the company that we work for are appreciated. Inspirational speakers have the power to make your employees feel important and valued. They are masters in giving people a strong sense of purpose. They have the ability to motivate your employees to be better and more productive. They have the power to inculcate a culture of excellence amongst your staff.

So, if your employees’ productivity is dwindling, then it would be a good idea to hire an inspirational speaker to energize your team. Inspirational speakers usually have fantastic backstories that they use to inspire others. They may have overcome poverty, disability, or life threatening situations. When your employees hear a first person story of triumph and excellence, they become inspired to face challenges and excel in the workplace.

2. New Knowledge

Motivational and keynote speakers are usually experts in specific fields such as personal development, marketing, business planning, or human resources. They can impart valuable information that may be useful to your team. For example, if your sales numbers are decreasing, it would be a good idea to hire a master salesman as a motivational or resource speaker.

3. Great Returns

Hiring an inspirational speaker is an investment that yields maximum results. Your business can benefit from the workshop in many ways. It helps improve the morale and the work attitude of your employees. It also increases their confidence. This increase your company’s productivity, efficiency, market share, sales, customer loyalty, customer referrals, and business opportunities.

Hiring a motivational speaker is highly beneficial to your business. So, it’s a good idea to hire us. We have a roster of talented and charismatic speakers that can help inspire your employees and improve their work output.

Good SpeakerOur motivational and keynote speakers are passionate about helping other people pursue their dreams. Our speakers have extensive work experience in various fields such as retail, pharmaceutical, law, internet marketing, and many more.

Our speakers have the following qualities:
1. Credibility

Our speakers have a good reputation and untainted credibility. They have a well-defined mission, principles, and value. They definitely walk the talk.

2. Humility

The truth is, a lot of successful inspirational speakers are known for their huge egos. An egocentric speaker can be a liability because he/she will insist on delivering his preferred speech or story, regardless of whether it will actually help you achieve your goal. So, in choosing the right speaker for your company event, you must hire someone who’s willing to work with you. You must hire someone who values your feedback and accommodates your request. Our speakers are knowledgeable, but humble. They always put their clients first and they are willing to take constructive criticisms.

3. Authenticity

To get the most out of the speaker, you have to choose someone who is authentic. You should pick someone who draws inspiration for his/her own life story. Remember that your employees are smart. They can definitely spot a BS so it’s important to hire someone who’s willing to share a part of him/her to his/her audience. Our speakers are authentic. They have “true to life” inspiring stories that can inspire your employees to do better.

4. Experience

Our speakers have years of experience in different types of public speaking including motivational speaking. They have spoken to business leaders, employees, tech leaders, students, and members of distinguished civic organizations.

5. Magnetic personality.

Our speakers have a magnetic personality. They are enthusiastic, friendly, personable, and they have great sense of humor. They have amazing people skills and they have the ability to easily connect with their listeners.

Our speakers are knowledgeable, charming, and charismatic. They have undergone years of training and spoke to different corporate events world-wide. They are enthusiastic, reliable, and, most of all, credible. They are also very flexible. They can work with you to ensure that their speech addresses your primary business need. So, if you need a motivational speaker for your next company event, contact us right away.

Motivational speaker has the ability to help the general resolve of your representatives and rouse them to improve. To know more about motivational speaker click here motivational-speaker-success.com.

Tips from a Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer: Do’s and Don’ts During a Foreclosure

If you find yourself failing to pay your mortgage a couple of times, expect your lender to send you a notice of foreclosure soon and when that comes, your next steps will determine how your situation would end. It can result to you saving your home, losing it to foreclosure, or worse, losing it to a third party and still be left with a huge debt to pay. To get the best outcome, here are a few do’s and don’ts as advised by a Long Island foreclosure lawyer.


Talk to Your Lender – Most people avoid this stressful encounter because they do not want to be told to pay up straight in their faces or because they do not know how to bargain with their lenders. The thing is, if you want to avoid the ordeal of going through a lengthy foreclosure, the best solution is to still ask your lender to give you more time to pay up your back fees. If your lender does not agree on that, at least you can ask for a loan modification so that you only have to pay for a lesser mortgage even for a temporary period, just to keep you afloat as you struggle with your own financial problems. Many lenders will agree to this more than you realize.

lawerHire a Lawyer – A Long Island foreclosure lawyer can help you in many ways, such as in doing the negotiation with the lender for you and then processing the loan modification to keep your interest in priority. If the foreclosure does proceed to the court, then he can find ways to have it dismissed or fight it for you so that you can eventually keep your home.

Be Informed of Your Options – Your Long Island foreclosure lawyer can spell out the many options available to you. It is important that you know all of these so that you can decide wisely in relation to how you see your finances would become in a year or two.


Do Nothing – Ignoring the notice of foreclosure does not mean that it will remain stagnant. It actually moves forward and you only have about thirty days to file for a motion for dismissal. Doing nothing will just worsen your situation. It is best that you prepare accordingly depending on whether you want to keep your home or not.

Sign Over Property to a New Owner – There are plenty of scam companies that prey on vulnerable homeowners that are facing foreclosures. They pretend to be the lifeline that these distressed owners are waiting for, offering to pay off the future mortgage until such time that the owner can pay for it on his own. In return, they want the property to be signed over to them. These are merely lies. You will eventually find yourself losing your property and still be liable to pay off your housing loan from your lender. Avoid being a victim of these malicious fly-by-night companies. If you do want to find someone to pawn your property to, make it someone that you personally know and trust.

Add Another Loan – For some, getting a new loan to pay off the first loan seem to be a logical solution. It really depends on your financial status. If you do not have a good job at the moment and has little chance of finding a new one soon, then avoid this option or you will just be buried in debt. That will not only increase your emotional distress but affect your credit score as well.

These few tips from a Long Island foreclosure lawyer can define the outcome of your foreclosure case. Definitely avoid those steps that will just aggravate your situation and do not be fooled by offers of financial salvation from people who are unknown to you. Listen to your lawyer and be brave to face your lender to come up with a good solution.